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Specialists in profile machining and CNC machining


Internal development of transfer machines, patented mirror polished finish


Manufacture of high precision automotive products

Our Mission

Our desire to perpetuate our company revolves around 4 strategic elements: Innovation, our product quality, respect for the environment and the societal aspect of our activity.

Qualified as "Innovative Company" by the BPI, our principal lever of development lies in our capacity for innovation.

We work in close collaboration with various centres of R&D and we are involved in 2 competitive hubs, including "Arve Industries".

We invest 6% of our turnover in R&D projects with a view to optimising our machining processes: we hold 2 machining patents in high precision surface finishing ( ).


Creation of the company by François Palumbo. Start of machining activity on transfer machines.
Diversification of activity. Machining on CNC machines.
Machining of components for automotive safety.
Quality certification VALEO 1000 Class A
Joint venture with A2C Micron company.
Patent registration of 2 high precision patents.
Expansion of the Vougy site. Total surface area of 4000 m2