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Our Process

Machining of profiles
It concerns breakthrough technology compared to certain ‘sintering’ or forging processes.
This technology is dedicated to the high volume market. We have at our disposal 35 rotary transfer machines with 4 to 12 working stations equipped with automatic bar loader or loading robot.

Usinage de profilés

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Specific machining on CNC
Our CNC workshop is divided into 3 machining sections from prototyping to very high volume:
A/ CNC turning sector: CNC 5 lathes 4 spindles with bar loaders for machining from 6 to 65mm diameter.
B/ machining centre sector: 5 machines including a CU for high speed machining.
C/ working from blancs sector: 8 robotic turning/milling cells.

In our CN workshop equipped with CN lathes and machining centres, we carry out the machining of parts ranging from prototypes to high volume series.
12 numerically controlled lathes
5 machining centres fed by automatic loaders
Robot cells
Finishing and checking

With a view to internally supervising the finish of our products, we take charge of grinding, finishing and shot blasting on our premises.
We have the ability to guarantee a 100% control of our products thanks to automatic video sorting machines. Rösler 1 conveyer shot blasting machine; 1 mass finishing machine; automatic video-controlled edging machine, 2 cleaning machines.

Innovative gear-cutting technique to produce high precision driving parts.

Machining services for foundries and forges
We develop in-house clamping solutions for your drafts with a view to fine-tuning the machining of your products.

Example of clamping system for machining centre.



Specialists in profile machining and CNC machining


Internal development of transfer machines, patented mirror polished finish


Manufacture of high precision automotive products